Living Statues

A ten minute theatre-dance performance based upon the theatrical awakening of immobile statues-dancers. Historical themes suit the living statues performance the best, where their minimalist costumes and sculpturesque lily-white make-up excel.

zivesochy3Suitable for inner and outside spaces.

4 statuary dancers, representing one woman and three men, stand on pedestals. They wear white make-up and simple costumes in antique style, also white. They stand completely still. Each statue is captured in a spotlight. They convey a sense of the mysterious. The music from Verdis “The Power of Fate” can be heard. The statues slowly come to life and begin to dance to the overture. The living statues performance is enacted by professional dancers. The whole performance is stage lit and sound engineered.

The living statues performance can be organized at the commencement or conclusion of an event, i.e. along a park walkway or inner corridor or foyer along which the guests enter or depart.

The Brain-picking Birds

Three characters in costumes – half bird and half human – with characteristics and movements somewhat like penguins, but in reality these are the Brain-picking Birds – visitors from another world. Their performance is built upon the principle of street theatre, or rather, theatre among the people. They run around quite independently; their performance is not dependent on the participation of the audience – however, at the same time, the viewers naturally become drawn into their games and antics and, if they don’t give into them, they at least become a part of them.

1st Entrance – The Brain-picking Birds enter to the party and moving in tandem, follow the lead bird. They inspect everything, explore the environment and the guests; everything is new for them and they wonder at everything. They peep into the dishes and glasses, finding everything enormously interesting but apparently not understanding anything. They are trying to be part of the community and, in doing so, they start to mimic the guests. When somebody interests them, they go after him and copy his actions. After a while, they leave the party.

2nd Entrance connected with the first entrance. After a while, the last and smallest bird becomes impressed by something so much, that he forgets himself and becomes separated from the group. The other two birds leave while he is lost among the guests. When the little bird realizes that he has been left behind, he falls into a panic (lonely little creature, lost child), and in confusion runs around; suddenly nothing is so interesting! He patters around and speeds up as he desperately looks around, searching for his companions…

pantomima1The performance continues along in this vein until the 3rd Entrance, which brings an end to this amusing show.
The Brain-picking Birds are comic entertainers: somewhat emotional, somewhat lovely and somewhat ridiculous. They don’t amuse themselves at the expense of the people around them, but entertain themselves with themselves.


Classical Pantomime
Sequences on various themes, based upon the client’s request – in cooperation with the students of Ctibor Turba and Ladislav Fialka.

Pantomime from Zábradlí
A dramatic staging by the Pohybové divadlo 21 (Theater of Motion 21) based upon the extensive recordings and writings of the director and classic Czech mime, Ladislav Fialka. pantomima2Under the direction of Viktor Hlobil, the students and followers of Ladislav Fialka created a performance that brings together the best of Czech classical pantomime.
The production is a combination of several separate episodes of 5-7 minutes each, making it possible to select and combine single episodes as a part of other programs.


Speed Portrait Caricaturist
In just a matter of a few seconds this artist can sketch your portrait in caricature – before you even know it!

Gala Fanfare
Welcome your guests with quartet of trumpeters, dressed in period costumes, playing a gala fanfare.

Demonstration of historical fencing duels.