tanecnikAstaire Dance Club

Dance demonstrations – a selection:

1. Strauss Mix – a mixture of waltzes, gallops and cancan to the melodies of J.Strausse featuring the winners of the Prague and Central Bohemia Dance competition and participants of the Republic Semifinal competition. Duration: 4 minutes

2. Standards – A mixture of standard ballroom dancing – waltz, tango, quickstep, featuring the Jewish Nabucco Chorus. Duration 5 minutes

3. Cocktail – A mixture 3/4 dances, waltz and mazurka. Duration: 5 minutes 4. Cup of Bubbly – Charleston mix. Duration: 4 minutes

5. Latin – Mixture of Latin dances to the melodies of ABBA – samba, rumba, paso dobble, jive, cha-cha. Duration 5 minutes

6. Can-Can – couple dancing, duration van be varied as desired.

Other dance

Various tap-dancing performances by the Step Studio Tappy Dancers.

The Renaissance and Baroque dance ensemble Lucretia.

Ballet and other dancing appearances.
Program content based upon order.

The children’s dancing group Rosenka, with children’s dulcimer music band.