Presentation evenings

Support background music in the style of jazz and swing is ideal for presentation evenings

prezent_vecerSwing Trio
Quartett nebo Quintett Acoustic
Old Fashion Swingers
Old Gold Canal Jazz Band

With a various range of instrumental line-ups, from contrabass, clarinet or saxophone and guitar, piano, or a trio, all the way up to a whole orchestra to accompanying, for example, The Havelka Sisters.

Classical music groups are also suitable background listening music.
Duet: violin – piano; accordion – piano, flute – organ (harpsichord)
Trio: two violins – contrabass; guitar – violin – contrabass; violin – violoncello – piano; flute – viola – violoncello
String quartets: Prague Chamber Quartette, Muza String Quartette, Ingwin Quartette

Classical music

Do you want to listen to classical music, but are you afraid it’s too somber?
Don’t hesitate to listen to the music of the Klar Quartette. This classical string quartet with a 1st and 2nd violin, viola and violoncello, has adapted the gems of classical music in its repertoire – Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances and passages from the New World Symphony, Smetana’s Moldau, Bizet’s Carmen, and many others. Of course, a pure classical string repertoire is also an option.

klasicka_hudbaYou like the music of a string quartet, but would like to have something more lively and entertaining? The repertoire of the Klara Quartet also includes a wide range of popular music compositions, such as – Herman’s “Hello, Dolly!”, the hits of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, the famous melodies of George Gershwin or Duke Ellington and other well-known famous musical melodies.

Ars Antiquitatis is a chamber ensemble group playing Renaissance and Baroque music, in their own original style, on period musical instruments.
The instrumentalisation of the group includes: lute, baroque guitar, baroque violin, fipple flutes, viola da gambit and harpsichord. Performances can be made with the players in Renaissance costumes, accompanied by demonstrations of historical dances – ideal for historical interiors.

Folk music

The dulcimer music group Studánka, or children’s dulcimer music ensemble Rosénka, play a wide repertoire of traditional songs.
The children’s folklore ensemble Rosénka combines a love for folk traditions with the natural vivacity of children.

rosenkaChildren of various ages dance in traditional costumes, accompanied by the sound of children’s dulcimer music.

The Vycpáleks
The song and dance ensemble of Josef Vycpálek was established back in 1947. Its founder was one of the most important figures in the inspiration of the modern development of Czech folklore music. The Vycpáleks perform to the accompaniment of live folk music in such a way that one can always feel the joy and love for traditional songs and dances in their performances.

Lovers of brass music will certainly be delighted when listening to the brass band Veselka. Veselka mainly plays the compositions of well-known Southern Bohemian composers, which have so successfully been heard throughout the whole world.