The Havelka Sisters

sestry5This ensemble of twelve enthusiastic musicians, who have fallen under the spell of early swing music, have already for many years guided their listeners back to the period between the two World’s Wars – an era full of rhythm, dance, inspiration, clean ideals, romantic love and dreams.

The ensemble is made up of a ladies’ vocal quartet – Dana Šimíčková, Petra Kohoutová, Olga Bímová and Anna Vávrová – and an eight piece orchestra: piano, tenor – saxophone, alto – saxophone, trumpet, violinophone, guitar, drums and contrabass.

About the Havelka Sisters

The Havelka Sisters, for many years, performed as a trio in the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra (OPSO). By the year 1994, the group, as a quartette, had already recorded their first solo album: When Your Girlfriend Lets You Down… Here, they interpreted old rambler songs from the period, accompanied by guitar, contrabass and violinophon. The songs became the inspiration and base for making a television clip movie, where the Havelka Sisters not only sang, but also acted (scripted and directed by Ondrej Havelka).

sestryIn the year 1995, the Havelka Sisters, along with Ondrej Havelka, left the OPSO and became a part of the orchestra, Ondrej Havelkas Melody Makers. At the same time, they also continued making solo performances. They built up a small orchestra, led by bandleader Jaroslav Šimíček, and recorded their second album: Crazy Day – this time, from the lyrics of the Czech swing author, Jiri Traxler.
The efforts that the Havelka Sisters & Havelka Sisters Ensemble Band go to in order to preserve the purest style of the era, is not only limited to the actual interpretation and instrumentalisation of Czech, American and German songs from the 1930s, but also covers their full stage presence, beginning with the opening remarks all the way up to their authentic dress and costumes of the era.


To give you an idea of their unique period interpretation and richness of their repertoire, we have prepared several entire songs in mp3 format that you can download here. It should be possible to play the files simply using some of the programs already installed on your computer. Click on the sample and let the file download on your hard disc (its best to save it on the desktop) from where you can easily playback (double click) and then delete, or archive, for use again.

If, after double-clicking, the downloaded file does not start play, you can download this quality mp3 player.

Crazy Day (Jiří Traxler / Karel Kozel) – CD Crazy Day
Remember It (Jiří Traxler / Karel Kozel) – CD Crazy Day
Heebie Jeebies (Atkins /Rosewell) – CD Love Me
The Man I Love (George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin) – CD Love Me
Red Hot Mama (Wells / Cooper / Rose) – CD Love Me

Performance variations

1. Havelka Sisters’ vocal quartet accompanied by the eight-member SH Band
Jazz and swing melodies from the Pre-war era, including the hits of J. Traxler from the Havelka Sisters’ CD Crazy Day
sistersa) Concert program of a duration of 2 x 40 minutes
b) Program for a social event – duration three hours

2. Havelka Sisters’ vocal quartet and a ramblers’ songs program
From the1st CD, “When your Girlfriend Lets You Down”, accompanied by a trio made up of contrabass, guitar, violinophone
Programme duration: 60 minutes.

3. Havelka Sisters’ vocal quartet accompanied by piano
Ideal for exhibition openings or launches – program duration: max. 30 minutes.